10 Cheapest Universities in Germany for International Students

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In recent years, Germany has become an increasingly popular study destination for international students. With its world-class education system, low or no tuition fees at public universities, and affordable cost of living, Germany offers international students a high-quality and budget-friendly education option.

If you want to study in Germany on a budget, read about the 10 cheapest universities for international students.

1. Technical University of Munich

Located in the heart of Munich, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Germany’s leading technical universities. As a public university, TUM charges no tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs, except for some master’s degrees. With over 41,000 students, TUM offers engineering, natural sciences, life sciences, medicine, and more degree programs. The university has a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can expect modern facilities, hands-on learning opportunities, and membership in a vibrant student community at TUM. The university actively welcomes international students, who make up over 20% of the student population. TUM has partnerships with companies like BMW, Siemens, and IBM, giving you opportunities for internships and jobs after graduation.

With its tuition-free degree programs, strong global reputation, and location in one of Germany’s top cities, TUM is an excellent budget-friendly choice for international students.

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2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, known as LMU Munich, is one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Located in Munich, LMU offers over 200 academic programs and counting over 50,000 students. As a public university, LMU Munich does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate study, apart from certain master’s degrees.

LMU Munich has 18 faculties covering diverse fields, such as law, economics, social sciences, medicine, and the arts. The university strongly emphasises research excellence, boasting 46 winners of the prestigious Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize. LMU actively encourages international exchange, with over 20% of its student body coming from abroad.

In addition to its free tuition, LMU Munich attracts students with its outstanding academic reputation, a broad range of subjects, and location in one of Germany’s top study destinations. It’s an affordable option for international students seeking world-class education.

3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, or KIT, is one of Germany’s largest research and education institutions. As a public university, it does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate study, except for certain specialized master’s programs. KIT has over 25,000 students enrolled in natural sciences, engineering, economics, and more programs.

KIT is well-known for innovation and has strong partnerships with companies like Bosch and SAP. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and abundant research opportunities. The university actively encourages global engagement, with 20% of students coming from abroad. Located in Karlsruhe, students enjoy a lower living cost than other major German cities.

KIT is an appealing choice for international students seeking tuition-free, world-class technology and engineering education.

4. Heidelberg University

Founded in 1386, Heidelberg University is one of Europe’s oldest institutions of higher learning. This public university does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate programs, with a few exceptions. Over 30,000 students are enrolled across 12 faculties, including natural sciences, law, economics, medicine, and more.

Heidelberg is renowned for its research excellence and nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship. Students enjoy modern facilities, abundant research opportunities, and a vibrant international community, with over 20% of students coming from abroad. The university is in the historic city of Heidelberg, set along the Neckar River.

Heidelberg University is an ideal destination for international students looking for a tuition-free education steeped in tradition.

5. Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin, known as FU Berlin, lives up to its name by charging no tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate study. FU Berlin has over 35,000 students enrolled across 15 departments, covering diverse subjects like humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, and more. FU Berlin is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany.

International students make up 15% of the student body at FU Berlin. They are attracted by the university’s tuition-free education, outstanding global reputation, modern facilities, and location in Germany’s vibrant capital. FU Berlin has partnerships with leading companies and research institutes around the world.

FU Berlin is an optimal choice for international students who want a tuition-free education at a world-renowned university in an exciting global city.

6. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University, located in the city of Aachen, is one of Germany’s leading technology universities and one of the largest technical universities in Germany. It has over 45,000 students enrolled in programs covering engineering, natural sciences, medicine, economics, and business.

As a public university, RWTH Aachen charges no tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate study except for specialized programs. The university is especially renowned for its engineering and technology programs. Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, abundant research opportunities, and strong ties to industry.

For international students seeking world-class technology and engineering education free of charge, RWTH Aachen is an excellent choice.

7. University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is a major public research university in Bonn’s former West German capital. It offers over 200 degree programs across a wide range of subjects to over 38,000 students, 15% of whom are international students.

As a public university, the University of Bonn does not charge tuition fees apart from a few exceptions. Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, renowned academics, and plentiful research opportunities. Fields of study include humanities, social sciences, agriculture, mathematics, natural sciences, law, economics, and medicine.

For international students, the University of Bonn offers a tuition-free education at a prestigious German university with a storied history.

8. University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is one of Germany’s leading business and social sciences universities. Located in the city of Mannheim in southwest Germany, it hosts over 12,000 students across disciplines like economics, law, social sciences, humanities, mathematics, and computer science.

As a public university, the University of Mannheim offers free tuition in addition to specialized master’s programs. Its Department of Economics, particularly, has an outstanding reputation in Germany. Students enjoy access to innovative programs, partnerships with global companies, and a large international student community.

The tuition-free programs at Mannheim appeal to international students looking to study business or social sciences affordably at a top-ranked university.

9. Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin is the oldest university in the German capital. Founded in 1810, it currently hosts over 32,000 students pursuing programs across humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, mathematics, natural sciences, agriculture, and medicine.

As a public university, Humboldt charges no undergraduate or graduate study fees except for some specialized master’s programs. The university has produced 29 Nobel Prize winners and is considered one of Germany’s most prestigious institutions. Students enjoy studying at a university with a long, illustrious history.

Humboldt University is an excellent pick for international students seeking a tuition-free education in the heart of Berlin.

10. University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is located in Stuttgart, southwest Germany. It is one of Germany’s top universities renowned for engineering, natural sciences, and economics. The university has over 28,000 students enrolled in four main faculties: engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

As a public university, Stuttgart does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate programs, with some exceptions. Students benefit from innovative teaching methods, state-of-the-art facilities, and abundant research opportunities. The university has exchange partnerships with over 150 universities worldwide.

For international students seeking a world-class, tuition-free STEM education, the University of Stuttgart is an excellent option.

There you have it – the 10 cheapest universities in Germany for international students. From prestigious institutions like the Technical University of Munich and Heidelberg University to leading technology universities like RWTH Aachen and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany offers many high-quality yet affordable options for global learners. Consider these tuition-free schools when planning your studies in Germany.

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