Where To Get Fully Funded Scholarships

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Finding legitimate and fully funded scholarship opportunities can be a challenge. However, you can leverage some excellent websites and databases to find full scholarships that cover your entire cost of education.

This article will highlight the best websites for finding and applying to fully funded scholarship programs.

1. ScholarshipsCanada

ScholarshipsCanada is one of the most extensive databases for Canadian scholarships, with over $35 million in awards. It is free to sign up and allows you to easily browse and filter scholarships by criteria like location, field of study, award amount and eligibility.

The advanced search helps you quickly find relevant results. Through automated recommendations, you can be matched to scholarships. All the scholarships listed are verified as legitimate. Whether you are a Canadian student or an international student looking to study in Canada, ScholarshipsCanada is a go-to resource.

2. Chegg Scholarships

Chegg is a popular education technology company offering a massive database of over $1 billion in scholarship opportunities. It includes Scholarships, internships, loans and grants provided by colleges, foundations, organizations and companies.

You can easily search Chegg by filters like award amount, location, field of study, skills and demographics. It conveniently categorizes scholarships into small, medium, or large awards. Free sign-up allows you to get matched to relevant scholarships and keep track of applications.

3. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is an extensive scholarship-matching platform created by former students. It includes over 3 million scholarship opportunities worth more than $24 billion. After creating a free profile, you take a quiz which matches you to scholarships tailored to your background.

ScholarshipOwl provides application resources like essay reviews, mentoring, and interview prep. You can save, track, review and apply for multiple scholarships in one place. Their verification process ensures all scholarships listed are legitimate.

4. FastWeb

FastWeb is a pioneer and one of the most extensive free scholarship search engines available. Its database includes over 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion. You can get matched instantly to relevant scholarships after filling out a profile.

FastWeb also offers tools like personality questionnaires, cost calculators, college search, and access to education experts to assist you with your scholarship and college application process. The website has been helping connect students with scholarships for over 25 years.

5. Scholly

Scholly is a scholarship search app that aims to make finding scholarships quick and simple. It matches users to scholarships in under 30 seconds based on eligibility. Scholly’s database has over $30 billion in college funding opportunities.

The app and website are easy to use and provide a personalized, streamlined experience. Scholly also submits paperwork and completes scholarship applications on your behalf after you are matched. This saves you time during the application process.

6. Unigo

Unigo is an extensive database with information on over 3.7 million scholarships worth over $14 billion. It offers a free scholarship search engine that allows you to browse and filter results based on your preferences.

Unigo also compiles numerous helpful college planning resources, articles, advice and project-based scholarships to win money for education. Once registered, you can save scholarship listings and get reminders for application deadlines. The website provides reliable access to fully funded scholarship opportunities.

7. International Scholarships

International Scholarships is the world’s most comprehensive scholarship website for international students. Its extensive, regularly updated database includes scholarships worth over $10 billion globally.

You can easily browse location-specific scholarships for countries and popular study destinations. Listings include scholarship amount, eligibility criteria, application process and deadlines. It’s a leading source for fully funded scholarships for international applicants.

8. Scholarships.com

Scholarships.com is a free scholarship search and financial aid resource that has been helping students find scholarships since 1998. It offers access to a database of over 3.7 million college scholarships worth $19 billion.

You can search the extensive scholarship directory by personalized criteria. The platform also provides articles, advice and planning resources to guide you through the scholarship application journey. All scholarships are verified as legitimate and current.

9. ScholarshipAmerica

ScholarshipAmerica is a nonprofit that works to connect students with college scholarships. Their online scholarship directory includes over 4,700 funding opportunities across private sector companies, nonprofits and foundations.

You can browse scholarships by categories or keyword search. The website also offers helpful tools and resources like scholarship digests, expert tips, and a newsletter with new scholarships. ScholarshipAmerica is dedicated to diversity and underserved groups.

10. Studyportals

Studyportals offers one of the largest global scholarship databases for international students. The portal allows you to easily search for location-specific scholarships to study abroad.

Input your home country, preferred study destination, field of study, and other criteria to get matched. The portal provides comprehensive lists of fully funded scholarships, partial scholarships, grants, and financial aid options. It’s an invaluable resource for funding your international education.

Using comprehensive scholarship databases and search platforms is the most effective way to find and apply for fully funded scholarship opportunities. The websites highlighted here make it easy to get matched, search for, and compare legitimate scholarships worth millions globally.

Use these free resources to maximize your chances of getting a full scholarship. With persistence and a well-planned application strategy, you can win full funding for an outstanding education.